Ecigarettes vs Analogs

Why Ecigarettes are Better than Analogs?

E-cigarettes – or electronic cigarettes – have become quite a rage ever since their advent in the US market in the year 2007. These vape’ devices are being touted as a healthier alternative to regular smoking habits. An e-cigarette may resemble an analog one in its appearance and offer a close to traditional smoking experience, but that is as far as the similarities go. In its operating principle and design, an electronic cigarette is a far cry from its traditional counterpart. Some of the underlying differences include the use of vapours instead of lung clogging smoke, using e-liquid instead of tobacco, and use of a battery in place of a conventional light to get the cigarette going.

Healthier Alternative
Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Better than Analogs? The answer to this is medically explained. Analog cigarettes are one of the leading causes of lifestyle-related premature deaths across the globe. The presence of numerous harmful chemicals exposes smokers to high risk of fatal medical conditions such as cancer of the lungs, mouth and throat, heart disease, hypertension, stroke and chronic pulmonary disorder. It is not the nicotine but the tar, tobacco and other harmful chemicals present in conventional cigarettes that make them live threatening commodity.
E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are free from the presence of harmful chemicals in such mammoth proportions. It uses an e-liquid that generates vapours to satisfy a person’s nicotine dependence. The steam, thus formed, create a smoking experience close to that of traditional cigarettes, replicating the throat hit and nicotine stimulation, without the ill effects.

Freedom to Puff
There are stringent laws and policies on smoking in public areas. Given the foul smell emanated by analogue cigarettes and the health hazards posed by them, cigarette smoking is increasingly being frowned upon by society at large. There are strict bans on smoking in public places such as offices, restaurants, subways, malls, and the list is endless. It means that a smoker has to visit smoking lounges or designated smoking rooms every time they feel the urge to light up.
E-cigarettes set you free from any such restrictions since they do not fall in the purview of the smoking ban’. With electronic cigarettes, you have the freedom to puff-up anytime, anywhere you like, without worrying about drawing a penalty or offending those around you with the irritating smoke smell.

Road to Nicotine De-addiction
Nicotine stimulates the brain, and a person addicted to nicotine may begin to exhibit withdrawal symptoms when nicotine levels in the blood begin to drop. It is for this reason that many smokers continue with their smoking habits despite being aware of the health risks. An electronic cigarette not only provides you with an alternative to cater to your body’s nicotine requirements but can also serve as a means to freeing yourself from nicotine dependence. The e-juice comes in various levels of nicotine concentration, which means the user has the option of deciding the level of nicotine intake with every round of vaping. You can get started on the path of nicotine de-addiction by gradually decreasing the nicotine concentration of the e-juice and eventually moving on to nicotine-free e-cigarettes.

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