Ecigarettes vs Nicotine

E cigarette – The Best Way to Beat Nicotine?

Over the past few decades, the connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer has been proven. However, people are still taking up smoking, and then a few months (or years) later, they are still trying to quit. Nicotine gum works for many; quitting cold turkey works for many others. Hypnotism and psychotherapy have worked for still others. The electronic cigarette, or the e-cigarette, is yet another device that people are using to try and kick the habit. Read the following e-cigarette tips to beat nicotine for good and live a healthy life.

An electronic cigarette looks, from the outside, like a regular cigarette with a filter. However, it is a lot different on the inside. It is a battery-powered device designed to let smokers simulate the act of smoking a cigarette (absolutely amazing experiment here). Over time, by reducing the nicotine inside the electronic device, smokers can gradually reduce their dependence on it.
Most e-cigarettes sit on a battery charger awaiting their next use by their owner. When the user picks it up and turns it on, it awaits inhalation on the brown end (that looks like the filter). A liquid-vapor is released at inhalation that includes a dose of nicotine. However, the cartridges that you buy to insert into the e-cigarette are available in different amounts of nicotine so that you can wean yourself off it gradually.

The e-cigarette allows you to simulate the actual act of smoking. Prescriptions, patches and the nicotine gum do not let you go through the motions with your hands and mouth. The theory is that, over time, going through the actions while your nicotine goes down will help you get rid of the craving.

When you go to buy replacement cartridges for your e-cigarettes, simply choose ones with less nicotine in them. This will allow you to wean yourself off the nicotine, over time. Eventually, you will be using e-cigarettes with no nicotine at all, which is perfectly safe. You look like you're smoking, but you are not feeding your addiction, and you are not inhaling any carcinogens.
E-cigarettes have been approved for sale and use in the United States and many other countries. There are no studies that reveal any harmful side effects that come with the use of the devices. While the FDA did run some studies in 2009 and found that there may be some tobacco-related impurities in the cigarettes, no side effects have been documented. Even so, in 2009, the FDA put out an advisory indicating that e-cigarettes were potentially not hazardous and should not be marketed to teens, because they did not have adequate warnings for the health hazard that the FDA thought they presented. As with any significant change to one's life routine, you should talk to your physician before using them.

In some states and municipalities, you cannot use or buy e-cigarettes at all. Because laws are constantly changing, check online for the latest outlets. E-cigarettes do not cure addiction for everyone. However, they do have a high chance of helping you stop smoking. Use this information to help you decide if you should pursue this solution.

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