ECIG 101

How to maintain your electronic cigarette

For an e-cigarette user, there comes the point when your e-cigarette stops tasting as good as it used to or starts to stop vaporizing your nicotine liquid completely. Constant use of your e-cigarette over the years will lead to wearing out of its components. These components can generally be replaced, but it is best to keep your batteries and atomizer, which play the most crucial role in the working of your e-cigarette, up to date so they last longer.

Most of the times, the impurities in the e-liquids and the lint from your pocket clog the atomizer. Sometimes the clogging may result from either using an excess of e-liquid or not using enough. To keep your atomizer fall prey to any of these conditions, make a habit of leaving it upside down on a paper towel before you go to bed every day. The paper towel will automatically absorb any excess liquid that may be present in the atomizer by morning. Once you are done with your e-cigarette, rinse it with warm water for a couple of minutes, using a pair of tweezers to hold it if necessary, and leave it to dry. Once a week, make sure to clean your atomizer thoroughly by blowing from the mouthpiece from on end while keeping the silicon flap of the other purpose open. It will force any excess liquid or different kind of impurity present inside, to make its way out. For cleaning your puromizer, place it under a running faucet till its all wet and use the method stated above for blowing it out. Later use a hairdryer to get rid of all the moisture. Clean the battery screw connector daily.

Apart from this make sure you use good quality of e-liquids and change your battery from time to time. These steps will not only increase the life of your e-cigarette but also promise the best possible experience whenever you use one.

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